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Re: Serrano...

Joe Pineapples wrote:

RaajS wrote:

This guy is considered a "brilliant" and "ground-breaking" photographer too. Dpreview's filters would not let me link to some of his "seminal" work. You can see it if you go over to village voice dot com and search for him by name.

Serrano is a very misunderstood artist. Christians get offended by his work because they think he is attacking or insulting them (not the case at all), and many people like me who are not religious find the heavy religious tone of his work a bit too much to take...


Hi Joe,

Call me an opinionated sob but I don't have any misunderstanding of Serrano. I don't find images of feces or of the "artist" ejaculating compelling or "art" in any way, shape or form. Like you I don't hold to any religious affiliation; I find his work offensive in that he's "tripping" (to paraphrase a guru from the 60s) on the audience, imho.

There are many great photographers who's work I don't find compelling. For example there are images created by Mapplethorpe that I think belong in the realm of the pornographic. But every image of Mapplethorpe's that I have seen conveyed very clearly his mastery - of light and shadow, of composition, of the emotion conveyed. One may not like the image but mastery is easily discernible. That is not the case (for me) with the work of Serrano. Or our friend Misha, for that matter. And certainly the arrogance is mind-blowing. As Butler once said - "The truest characters of ignorance are vanity, and pride, and arrogance". Entertaining too, in a admittedly naughty and perhaps perverse way.



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