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justharry wrote:

Well the agony continued for a while as I kept up the web research and in-store holding in my hand time. Just ordered the A65 kitted with the 18-135. This pairing seems to offer the best mix of build quality, performance and capabilities for my needs and budget. Sony said their sale ends on 10/27 and I'm taking them at their word. We'll see how that turns out.

Will open it up on receipt to make sure it's a good copy and to update firmware, then it will wait until Xmas. So it will be a while before I'm posting any shots from it.

I'll be back posting for advice on various other stuff, like suggestions for best lens filter option (mainly for protection).

Thanks again for all the input. Harry

I do this expecting 30 or 40 "downs" but I'm used to it by now. I don't know if you already have $ invested in sony lenses, but the K30 with 18-135 is only $50 more than the same a65 rig but offers many improvements. Weather sealing, steel frame, better noise performance, pentaprism VF, twin control dials, full exposure controls such as auto iso adjust and auto iso during M mode. The 18-135 from pentax is also weather sealed, making it a much safer unit for outdoor shooting.

The video will likely please you more on the a65, and if you prefer an EVF there's that too. FPS is also faster on the sony. When comparing the two I would definately go for the K30, just throwing another idea out there.

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