Canon SX40 versus Canon SX50

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Re: Canon SX40 versus Canon SX50

On the other hand, the Burst mode on the 50 is much improved. You can take less than the 10 shot burst by letting up on the shutter release and you can get 4 fps with focus between shots.

"Lens speed and exposure. The 40 was actually a 2.7 and the 50 is actually a 3.4 at the wide end. In real world shooting, at least outdoors, you will rarely use the wide angle at its widest aperture anyway. The potentially more important difference is between the 5.8 and 6.5 at the telephoto end. However, in my testing I got identical exposures with both cameras under a wide range of conditions. And remember that f6.5 is on a 1200mm equivalent. The 5.8 was only on an 840mm equivalent. I don't expect much trouble from the "slower" lens."
Rightly mentioned on both 40 and 50 aperture  is equal on 840mm.

Thanks for wonderful review

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