A57 or A77 ?

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Re: A57 or A77 ?

Having started with an A65 and subsequently returning it to get an A77, I very much appreciate the A77 features.  This is my first DSLR/SLT camera, however, I did use a Pentax 35mm film camera for a while about 25 years ago.

For me, and I would think most, a $250 difference between A57 and A77 is a no-brainer.

Now if you're a total newb that's going to rely more on automatic and scene modes, is unfamiliar with the interrelationship between aperature, shutter speed and ISO and the associated trade-offs in prioritizing one over the other, then, arguably, the majority of A77 features are of no value and not worth paying for.  Even this argument fades if one is interested in learning and plans to keep the camera for at least a couple of years.

For me, having used an A65 for nearly a month, some of the things that I've made the most use of since owning the A77 are the things the A65 didn't have.

Of course another perspective regarding the $250 difference is whether it's a killer price on the A77, a really high price on the A57, or some of both...

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