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katman68 wrote:


Safe to say a photographer of that skill set is well aware how live view works & its limitations? He's just showing a very capable option the 7D has if working @ f8. Better than zero, yes?

Not better than zero. I'm quite confident the 1DX could already AF at f/8 using contrast detect, Liveview  and didn't need a firmware update. The OP asked about if this firmware update could be applied to the 7D. That's for phase detect f/8 AF.

I've been shooting w/the 7D nearly 2 1/2 yrs now, & also well aware it's not the "perfect camera". I've encountered situations where frustratingly there were no keepers, or much fewer than there "coulda been"(though more often than not the cause could be not the 7D but using a "non-perfect" lens rig......70-200/f4 IS +1.4XII).

This thread's topic is centered around if the 7D is capable of the same AF f/8 feature as given to the 1DX. I asked if the 7D was as capable as the 1DX/5DIII since it couldn't reliably AF at that wide open aperture. How is that complaining? I wistfully commented that I wished the 7D had a better designed AF as I've lost so many potential keepers. Possibly the inability of the 7D to AF at f/8 is related to how accurate it can AF at wider apertures? How is that complaining?

The 7D is an exceptional camera, and a great value(especially now). It's better than 95%+ of DSLRS out there(despite being 3 yrs old). So, I can't comprehend this complainer bit. And if I recall, you've done it time & again over your incapable 7D.

The duck photo also shows what it is capable of in my hands, albeit, at bit unreliably with few keepers.

What you may interpret as complaining is simply presenting my own personal experiences using the camera in context with the ongoing discussion. Am I not allowed to discuss the negative aspects of the model on a continued basis?  It's not bashing or complaining about the camera but rather identifying on a continued basis the limitations I experience with it. This is a gear forum discussing the gear. Not a platitudes forum extolling the virtues of the gear.

Maybe it's to do with the fact my eyes opened while in Madagascar when I saw there are people in this world that don't even fathom the concept of photography - let alone have an impressive camera like our 7D to play with. I refer that lesson often to people who complain what I see now as petty stuff - though have a feeling it doesn't sink in lest you witness & feel it w/your own eyes.

So you wish to lecture me about the petty futility of commenting about the strengths and weaknesses of a 7D camera on a gear-centric camera forum because your eyes were opened to the possibly of understanding that the modern western materialistic civilization isn't something inhabitants of third world countries have any comprehension of?

My suggestion: be thankful what you DO have...... or move to a higher model. Canon gives you that option to get that "perfect camera" & solve your grievances - the 5DMkIII and 1Dx. You'll just have to pay a nice premium to get it. That's capitalism.

I thought this thread was all about the possibility of phase detect f/8 AF on the 7D? Illustrating a brilliantly focused, contrast detect AF photograph serves to show what is possible with contract detect but does nothing to further the discussion supporting or discounting the ability of the 7D to AF at f/8, with phase detect, as it is already well understood that the camera is quite capable of focusing f/8 with contrast detect. My duck photo was to illustrate my expectation of capturing my choice of a photographed subject with the 7D. Try that with Liveview please. I want to be able to reliably do that with the 7D at f/8. If it can't be made to do that, it is obviously less reliable (or shall I say capable) than the 1DX or 5DIII. Not all photographers want to shoot only static subjects in Liveview.

I don't want to "move on" to a full frame camera for bird photography. Canon has proven that they can drastically improve the AF in the 5D series and should also be able to do something just as miraculous for the 7D series which I look forward to in the 7DII. Not all of us can drop $7K for a camera body and another $11K for a series II telephoto lens. That's not moving on. The APS-C sensor format offers the potential to capture exceptional photographs of small moving subjects without employing large, heavy and expensive lens and camera bodies.

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