A99 and sensor evolution

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Re: A99 and sensor evolution

J Birn wrote:

Maxeyesore wrote:

The problem with sony's sensor evolution is that eventually, they sell it to another brand. They need to work on things that they and only they will be using.

I'm trying to imagine when that's going to create a problem shooting with my a99. Imagine I'm about to get a perfect shot, the moment's great, the camera's ready, my subject is smiling in front of a beautiful background, but then -- suddenly -- I realize that other people have nice cameras also, and that ruins the moment, so I just don't take the picture.

Don't get me wrong, I'm glad Sony has proprietary technology. I appreciate having focus range set on the camera instead of more limited options on some of the lenses. I love having focus peaking. But, making sensors in a mass-production environment is what helped Sony catch up to and pass Canon, that's a smart business decision that's working.

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Jeremy Birn

I don't think you are being rational here. The K5II and II-s are going to be the best overall APSC package on the market per dollar, and perhaps overall. The 7D is still a great camera, the D7k is solid, and the a77 has some nice features. None of them can compare to the new K5. Even the old K5 was considered the best apsc out there, not the a77. Even if you down sample the a77 files, the K5 is still a cleaner file. What happens if you "Find your Element" and it happens to be water? How many of the a-mount lenses are weather sealed? how many of those are good quality?

Pentax' * lenses are all weather sealed, and they are the best in the lineup. CIF for manual focus, steel chassis, best weather sealing in the industry, newly removed LPF, worlds leading lowlight AF of -3EV,  best apsc DR ever created, highest apsc IQ rating in history. Forget the a77, the a99 is going to have some competition.

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Pentax...Find Your Element.

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