NX200 DR?

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Re: NX200 DR?

Bpaulhome wrote:

i use the nx200 a lot. I do find the range quite good but not outstanding, i shoot raw and highlights can blow out where i expected the could be recovered.

jpg is a different matter though, i have had need to use jpg on some occasions and even with careful ev control the highlights have been lost. I'm not moaning about it because i dont see it as an issue, just an observation.

But all that been said, i find the range more than enough (as with all modern cameras) If a shot is correctly exposed and loss occurs then it is usually best left lost, unless you like the clown puke effect.

some shots made up from jpg below. nx200 medium format stylee

Nothing short amazing. How you did that? Mamiya lens and Brenizer method, or just medium format lens?
Btw. how easy is to manual focus with NX200? Aand.. every tried NX10 or so for manual focus?

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