Leica interest down?

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Re: Leica interest down?

Frank wrote:

In February, I sold my used M8 and there was tons of interest from potential buyers on the big auction site.

Same goes for a couple of lenses I sold.

Now, I am trying to sell an M9-P with under 500 actuations and there is zero interest. No offers and no emails and no watchers.

Same goes for a CV 35/1.4 I am selling.

Has anyone else noticed a lesser interest for Leica products?

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yes, but I think it will change very rapidly. I haven't been able to sell the unopened box 35 'Lux FLE I have. I'm thinking I'm just going to have to keep it, although I won't open the box until after I get a SECOND new M and that's only if the reviews are that the 35 Lux and that camera are a great match. The first one I will use only with my 50 'Lux and my 35 'Cron. But I think that Leica gear will once again be very hard to get, including and especially M lenses, as the new M is rolled out. If the reviews are great, there's going to be a high demand for that camera and the entire thing will go right back to where it was.

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