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Re: Question re: photography for real estate

I have shot a number of interior shots with the 8-16 with great success.  The distortion be mostly corrected & it's only a real issue at 8mm, where it is minimised rather than eliminated. I have attached to examples - theyre a bit rough but illustrate the point.  The distortion was corrected in PTLens, it could have been done in photoshop, but at the wider angles PTLens seems to do a better (but nnot perfect) job.

8-16mm at 12mm on an SD1M

8-16mm at 8mm on an SD1M

Shooting a one point perspective with this very wide angle of view will challenge many any lens manufacturer, especially with ceiling & floor tile grids aligning the way they are.  But the 8-16mm corrected does ok.  I have a shot taken at 45 degrees to the internal grids at 8mm & the distortion is all but invisible.

These were the very first shots I ever took with this lens & camera.  Doing it again I would probably get better results.

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