Nikon compliments Ricoh?

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Re: Nikon compliments Ricoh?

schaki wrote:

Nikon 1 may have strengths which appeal to some SP and thus also to me to some extent. But in general, the concept is a failure when it comes to sensor size and size of the body compared to competitors like m4/3, Sony Nex etc. Pentax Q is another failure in terms of sizes.

Nikon and Canon both have a problem in making an EVIL-type camera that is professional level and can take their existing dslr lenses.  To make it too good would shoot their dslr market in the foot, to make it too laughable would only get them laughed at whilst their competitors walk past to the bank.  So Nikon pretend that their V1/2 is just a lightweight substitute for their owners who really love their dslr bodies.  Canon make the half-there EF-M which needs an adapter to work with their EF lenses but at least they try.  But there are more reflected noises on this forum about any other brand EVIL-type camera than there is about the insipid try from Canon.  Even MW does not talk about it.

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