Question re: photography for real estate

Started Oct 25, 2012 | Discussions thread
MOD rick decker Forum Pro • Posts: 15,059
Re: Question re: photography for real estate

For indoors, angle of coverage and distortion will be the biggest issues for you.  The 8-16 will give you plenty of coverage but will suffer from either barrel (vertical  lines bending outward) or pincushion (vertical lines bending inward).   The best lens for interior, as far as Sigma goes, is the 12-24 as it does better with distortion than the others in tests I have done.  With the 8-16 you might be able to crop  enough to minimize that problem.  Although the 12-24 should do well indoors  (closer-in), it is not likely to be as good outside shooting at longer distances.  And it is pretty pricey.

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