A99 vs D600: High ISO comparison

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Re: Hard to tell which is which...

Amateur Sony Shooter wrote:

That's good news for anyone concerned about A99's ISO performance. I would say from now on all the new generation Sony camera got vastly improved ISO noise handling, that including jpeg engine. On the other hand, I can't help but notice how small the whole AF points are squeezed in middle area, such a flawed design. I tested 5D3 today, it has serious impressive AF system, if Sony has it in A99 I would pay them another $200 in a heart beat.

Perhaps my judgment is off, but I just read a review of the Canon 1DX, a camera whose AF points seem to cover a similar area of the frame, all in the middle. The 1DX is the much-heralded and much-praised successor to the reigning champion of wildlife and sports photography. Apparently the AF points can be clustered in the middle and still provide great AF for photographing erratic action.

For my own elucidation, is there in fact a camera with a broader coverage? Perhaps a Nikon or a Pentax?

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