Do you feel that Canon "price gouged" early 5D III buyers?

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Soak, perhaps, but definitely not gouge

I think the term gouge is misused more than it's used properly.  Gouging is overpricing a necessity in short supply because of some shock to the supply system, like a natural disaster.  New cameras are not necessities.

New users are getting soaked, though.  It's smart business for a company to sell their products at the highest price someone is willing to pay.  For cars, this is typically done through high-pressure salesmen who can individually price cars and for airlines its done through very sophisticated pricing algorithms.  In technology, it's typically done by offering first-access to those willing to pay more and then slowly reducing prices to entice those unwilling to pay more.  The advantage of this is that they can typically capture slightly more profit at the beginning of the introduction.  There are numerous possible disadvantages, however:  it can antagonize those unaware of the practice who expect a consistent price; it can delay purchases for those who are aware of the practice and have come to expect a fast discount; it can shift consumers away from their product if the premium is too high or the discount comes too late.

It's good there are early adopters, but I'm sure glad I'm not one of them.  In addition to often paying more, they also get to deal with any problems or deficiencies that either get fixed or allow late adopters to avoid the problem altogether.

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