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Re: Question re: photography for real estate

yukoner2 wrote:

Hi folks.

Any of you shooting for realtors with Sigma products?

I'm currently using an SD15 with an SD14 for backup and was wondering what you would suggest for len(s) I have an 18-50 and a 17-50 that will cover most of what is needed but I was thinking of an 8-16 for interiors. What do you think?

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Hi Norm,

I don't use Sigma cameras for real estate, but do use Canon. I use a 5DMkII, so it's full frame, and lens choices are different, but I've got a Canon 17-35mm L and a Sigma 15-30mm, and have used them both for interior shots. Of course you have to be really careful with angles when you are really wide, but it helps a lot in small spaces. I've done several hotel rooms, and they are pretty much essential there to get enough of the room into the fram. I shoot them both at f8 for most shots, and will usually do a 3 shot bracket for HDR when needed.

I think the 8-16 is better than the 10-22 in general sharpness, but that is only from reading posts here. I only own the 10-20 for Sigma.


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