A99 vs D600: High ISO comparison

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Re: D600 has the lens too

What you seem to be arguing, Kiril, is of two minds:

1.  Sony should have made a more basic camera at a cheaper price so that you could have afforded it. You simply cannot argue successfully that the feature set of the D600 comes anywhehere close to the A99, or that Sony could ask a price for the camera that would have lost them money.

2.  That what you really want, in any case, is is a FF NEX. But you cannot argue successfully that the Af of the NEX-7 is anywhere close to the A77, to say nothing the A99, which dramatically displays the asvantage of the SLT technology.

And you know perfectly well that there are now several Sony lenses that are weather-resistant. No lenses from any manufacturer are weather-proof.)

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