V2 vs NEX 6 (side by side fact sheet)

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Re: V2 vs NEX 6 (side by side fact sheet)

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I suspect however, in spite of the ordinary quality of NEX lenses, that the actual quality of photos from the NEX is still better than from the V2, due to a much larger sensor, in terms of sharpness when scaled to the same size or crop, and definitely better in terms of DR or ISOs.

No way, nothing but nothing can make up for mediocre lenes. A great lens can maximize the output from a sensor but the reverse is not true. Like having $20 speakers on a $5,000 amp - still end up with crappy sound.

Absolutely correct. Once a soft lens has had it's way with even the best sensor, it is permanently disfigured with no chance of recovering what was lost at the time of capture .

It appears however, that most NEX users don't know, don't notice, or just don't care about image sharpness and appear to be obsessed with the high ISO capabilities of the larger sensor in their camera instead. Well good for them, but it would really bug me to shoot with coke bottle lenses on a NEX camera knowing what that APS-C sensor is capable of with a quality lens.

- Jon

I suggest that you compare sample images from these cameras before making strong claims. A FF camera can outperform smaller cameras even with mediocre lenses.  The NEX lenses are not exactly crap, though some are not very good.  It is the combined quality of the sensor, the lens, and the software processing that determines image quality.  Just have a great lens or a great sensor is not enough.  The NEX sensor being twice as big is quite signficant and should make up for the relatively speaking somewhat worse lens quality.

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