News for XE-1 and even X-Pro1 shooters...

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News for XE-1 and even X-Pro1 shooters...

Greetings everyone. New member and my first post here but certainly not new to photography. I’m a long time Nikon digital shooter that has ben eyeing Fujifilm’s X-Pro1 and X-E1 cameras...

Anyway, I just returned from PhotoExpo Plus in New York City where I spent quality time in the Fuji booth asking a many questions about the above cameras, especially the X-E1, and I wanted to let others know what I learned, which is mostly very positive.

Raw conversions: According to the Fuji reps the profiles for the X-trans sensor are done and ready to go for ACR (Lightroom and Photoshop converter). That means we should see this in the next update. Yippi!!! I also asked if that would include the film simulation profiles but he did not know. I actually went to the both twice and asked the same question to a different rep - will the RAW file conversion be available for Photoshop and both people said they recently heard that was a go but did not know any details. I mentioned this was a sticking point for some, especially RAW shooters like myself, and they seemed to understand. Sadly, I forgot to ask if this was also the case about Aperture, sorry.

14mm f/2.8 lens: According to the rep this lens may not become available until around the first of the year despite rumors/plans of a November release. MTF charts look better for this lens than the 18mm prime which is should as it is much more expensive.

18-55mm lens: I asked if this lens was expected to be sharp wide open. The response was “yes” without any hesitation. MTF charts, which are for lenses wide open, seem to confirm this but of course we need to see for ourselves. Regarding speed, I was told it has a faster motor than the previous primes so it would focus faster. Also, they did not know if this lenses would include a lens hood. B&H descriptions does not mention a hood.

Lenses in general: The list of new lenses in their lineup is real, I say this because all the proposed lenses were in the display case but have not gone into production - no dates were given but I got the impression nothing new shipping before 2nd quarter 2013. These include the 55-200, 10-24, 23, 27 and 56mm primes. The 55-200 was really nice and compact - just the right size to for these smaller bodies and something that would fit in a relatively small camera bag.

Zeiss lenses: I asked the reps if the rumor about Zeiss making dedicated X-mount lenses is true. They said, Yes. I later went over to the Zeiss both and asked them. They not only confirmed it but they actually had the prototypes in their booth. These lenses will be X-mount Autofocus primes. The lineup is 12mm f/2.8, 32mm f/1.8 and 50mm f/2. I gasped at the 50mm and said it should be faster, like f/1.8 or f/1.4 since it would likely be a portrait lens. No response to my slight disappointment - so wait for the Fuji 56mm f/1.4 or hope they change their plans. I also asked about price. They said all will be around $1,000. I was not able to touch or see one up close but again, the prototypes where there and Zeiss is making a commitment to make lenses for X bodies that will NOT need an adaptor. Ship dates expected to be at or after April 2013.

Nikon G lenses: I asked if these would work. They said Yes but they do no support adaptors but they are available. However, since G lenses have no aperture ring the lens would likely only work wide open.

X-E1 Delivery in US: They were confident that it would ship at or around the first week of November, including the 18-55mm lens, but they are expecting initial demand that may exceed supply.

X-E1 leather case. This brown leather case looks really stylish and perfect for this body. The case has a compartment that will let you remove the battery and card without removing the case. It is pricey at around $159. Not too bad if the design remains the same for future models like XE-2, XE-3... Also, there will be a grip but they could not confirm if this will block the battery/card compartment like it does with the X-Pro1 but I suspect it will.

Speedlights: Fuji has 3 models. EX-20 has no tilt or bounce head. XF-20 has bounce but no tilt. EF-42 has both bounce and tilt. Other speedlights like my Nikon SB800 will work but I must use manual mode. My SB800 will also work off camera, like umbrella shooting, and I was told I could use the built-in pop-up light to trigger it.

Full frame sensor: I asked if the rumor of a full frame version, like a XF-Pro1 type body is in the works. I was told this is being discussed and in my experience if they are letting their reps know this then there is likely some truth to it. Furthermore, they said that their lens designs, including zooms, would work on a full frame sensor - of course smaller sensors make use of the sweet spot while FX will be softer in corners but nevertheless this is positive news and refreshing to talk with a company that lets people know their future plans, unlike Nikon and others (especially Apple)

I think that’s it. If I remember more I will update. The camera looks really sharp. I will hold out for black Friday weekend on Amazon to see if they have a deal but I would not be surprises if it is out of stock by them. I want the silver one!!!

Hope the above helps others with the same questions/concerns I had.

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