Focus Peaking now available for Pentax Q.

Started Oct 25, 2012 | Discussions thread
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Re: Focus Peaking now available for Pentax Q.

Kudos to Pentax for adding the focus peaking in a firmware update.  Thats a pretty significant feature, and a selling point on many other Mirrorless cameras.  To provide a backwards compatible improvement like that is rare.  Installed 1.10 on my Q.  Yet to see how the peaking and SR work with a C-mount adapter.  Anyone give that a try yet?  Focusing with a 48mm c-mount lens (equivalent to about 250mm+) was hit and miss.  I hope this locks it in.  Would be nice also to have audible or 'green frame' confirmation of manual focus.  My old *stDS has this, so its certainly do-able.

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