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Re: So

x-vision wrote:

zlatko wrote:.

Bashing someone's work is easy to do when protected by anonymity, as you are. This behavior is consistent with my point about anonymous posters on the forum.

You made it sound like only people with a proven track record in photography can voice opinions on this forum.

Your track record allows your to charge customers.
I can't do that because of my track record. Fair enough.

But when it comes to opinions on a public forum, your opinion is no more valid than mine.

We are just having a friendly discussion about gear here.

So, please cut this 'real world' crap, will ya. It's such a silly excuse.
Nobody is attacking your gear, so no need to get defensive.

No, anyone can voice their opinions.  Questioning or disagreeing with someone's opinion is just that.  It isn't saying that someone can't voice their opinion.  Please don't try to portray me as someone who says that people can't voice their opinion.

The real world may be dismissed as "crap" or as a "silly excuse" on the Internet, but it isn't in the real world.  Photography it closely connected to the real world, so I think the real world is a fair reference point.

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