A99 and sensor evolution

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Re: A99 and sensor evolution

GuyMcKie wrote:

Downsampling removes detail, more at 6mp than at 12mp. But you don't have the same detail with a a 6mp or 12mp camera as with a 24mp camera.

The test proves:

1. That for a similar size a99 6400 ASA is as good as a 200 ASA Minolta 7D

The test does not prove that, since you can't show examples taken with the Minolta 7D which was not tested by imaging-resource. However, it just so happens that I still have a Minolta 5D in working condition. Maybe I should try it against more modern cameras (not the A99, I won't buy that camera because of the EVF) and see what happens? I used it in low light in its time and I was quite pleased with the results.

2. That a softer tonal curve gives smoother and les noisy transitions in the dark tones and shadows.

I don't undertand what you mean here, nor how it relates to your "test".

Noise reduction was not very high. Sharpening 100 at 0.6 and luminance nr of 35.

The following comparison at 12mp is with zero sharpening and zero luminance nr for A99 (left) and D600 (right)

Neither do I understand how this comparison is relevant to the discussion. And the details in the red fabrics are still absent from this samples. It also appears that the darker part of the image are desaturated, which is a nice trick to hide chrominance noise.

Using noise ninja will not add more detail and not remove noise better. Your sample of the a900 looks horrible.

Sure it does, it looks similar to your sample of the A99.

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