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Re: I see that you are arrogent.

Richard wrote:

zlatko wrote:

Mikael Risedal wrote: Here is 5dmk2 and d800 with the same raw profile, picture 1

second 5dmk2 with 2 different profiles

comments? which is best?

I don't photograph color charts and don't know how to evaluate them for which is "best".

Well Canon does to test an make sure that you get a good product, so do others, you dismiss people who judge performance from an engineering standpoint. I think that is pretty arrogent.

I was genuinely saying that I don't know how to tell which color chart is "best" — sorry I don't know — and I was genuinely explaining why photos of color charts are not meaningful to me.  You can spin that as arrogance and as "dismissing people", but it wasn't.

I photograph people (most of the time) and not color charts ever. After photographing a number of events with both Canon and Nikon, which is best became very clear — I did not want to use Nikon any more. I could have made efforts to fix Nikon color, as some photographers have done. But with Canon I didn't need to. Canon had a number of other advantages, and the balance of advantages and disadvantages in each system convinced me that Canon was better for my work.

If photographer thought as you did, Nikon would not exist, fortunatly not everyone is as closed minded or arrogant as you are

Again, I was genuinely explaining why Canon meets my needs better.  Obviously Nikon meets the needs of other photographers better.  It depends on their work, and has nothing to do with open- or closed-mindedness.  You interpret my comments as arrogance and closed-mindedness.  And then you go on to question my intelligence and to launch a personal attack on my work.  Wow.

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