Upgrading to FF: ?'s about 5DIII and D600

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My experience

jrmint wrote:

Thanks- that's very helpful. I'm also starting wonder a little about quality control with the D600, with the issues people have been reporting about oil spots and lots of dust on the sensor. And the AF on the 5DIII sounds like it's in another category from the D600.

I've used both , the AF is about the same. The D600 locked on better in the dark than my 5DM3 and tracked better from my experience.  I used a 70-200/2.8 on both. Both are very good, and will not hold you back in any way. I could get my D600 to acquire focus in scenarios where I literally could not see the subject through the viewfinder it was so dark until my eyes adjusted a few seconds later. I own both brands and the D600 is the one I reach for 99% of the time, mostly because I feel it is 95% of a 5DM3 but with a better sensor and $1500 cheaper (where I live..that may vary).

Lots of fast moving targets and night sports samples on the Nikon FX forum if you care to look.

AF shouldn't be a deciding factor for either of these cameras really, both are outstanding.

Anyone who says ergonomics or menus are better one way or the other is only speaking for themselves, because that is 100% subjective and only you can be the judge of that.

Here is my personal list, not intended as an "arguement" either way, take it for what it is:

Things I like more about the D600:

- built in flash for emergencies or for controlling an unlimited number of off-camera flashes without having to buy an accessory

- sport metering linked to every AF point

- grid/lcd overlay in the viewfinder

- 1.5 crop mode

- built in intervalometer

- class leading sensor (DR, color depth, ISO)

- best AF I've ever used

- best auto WB I've ever used (it nailed WB under purple lighting and red heat lamps in the nocturnal exhibits at my zoo...never seen that before from any camera, ever. My Canons or my D300 could not do that)

- Price

- Ergonomics (subjective)

- Menus (subjective)

- Extremely quiet regular shutter, but "quiet shutter mode" isn't as good as 5DM3

- 2 year warranty on the body vs 1 on Canon (where I live)

- 5 times the warranty on all lenses (Worldwide)

Things I like more about the 5DM3

- 1/8000 shutter vs 1/4000

- 1/250 sync vs 1/200

- Live view implementation slightly better (though the D600's LV is better than the D800's LV)

- Well implemented quiet shutter mode, but louder regular shutter

I've never personally noticed a skin tone difference in either camera, so I won't chime in there. I don't buy the "Canon magic" or "Nikon magic" arguments from either side. Both are capable of very similar results.

Quality control is a non-issue. I've seen maybe 3-4 threads about dust/oil. I've had dust and oil on every sensor of every DSLR I've owned regardless of brand. Most of the time it's not even visible in the photos, so most people (all brands) probably have it and don't even know. A wet-clean takes under 60 seconds, and dust is removed via blower or in-camera cleaning system. My D600 has no dust or oil, for the record. It's simply a complete non-issue, especially with how easily it is remedied.

The cameras share the same build quality, with the lens mount being screwed into plastic, and metal cladding added on top of the plastic frames. The 5DM3 has one additional non-structural metal front panel.

As for lenses, both sides have lenses the other wish they had. Nikon has better wide angles and better "enthusiast" 1.8 primes, canon has the 100-400L, 300/4 IS, and the 5X macro. For the most part it's a wash, and I don't think anyone would have trouble finding a reasonable equivalent on either side.

Anyways, that's been my experience. I hope it helps.

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