NX200 DR?

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Re: NX200 DR?

viking79 wrote:

I don't feel the dull drab photograph captures the scene appropriately.

Yep. The scene looked great to human eye, simply because the brain can register the entire dynamic range. The processed file actually brings out the real feeling much better than the flat unprocessed one.

If it bothers some traditional photographers so be it. Modern 35 mm film bothered some photographers as well (large format photographers). Whatever, there will always be people stuck in their ways (and there isn't anything wrong with that), but things change over time, and that can also be good.


I feel the DR of the NX200/20/1000/etc are good enough where I don't have to worry about it much. With the NX10 I had to worry about it more.

Yep. Agreed.

With the 14.6 MP sensor cameras I found I had to do 3 shot HDR to control noise more, but with the 20 MP sensor cameras I found I didn't have to in order to get what I wanted.

Yep. A big relief.

Thanks for the comment, Eric

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