Fuji W3 video limit to 20 seconds

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Re: Fuji W3 video limit to 20 seconds

Billx08 wrote:

mugupo wrote:

I recently got the Fuji 3D W3 camera, i enjoy but one major problem was the video.

I can't record more than 20 seconds even with different sd card.

Is there any significant difference between the two SD cards? We have little to go with if you don't identify the cards. What brand, what capacity, and more importantly, what is the speed rating? Are the cards SD, SDHC, SDXC? Are then Class(2), Class(4), Class(6) or Class(10)? The fastest are the UHS-1 SD cards but they're expensive and far faster than the W3 would be able to take advantage of.

Just as a test, I assume that you can reduce the video quality. Try that, format one of the memory cards and see how long it can record videos. If you're using a memory card that's highly fragmented, that can prematurely stop video recording if the card isn't fast enough do deal with the write delays that fragmentation introduces.

Sandisk class 10 sdhc, and the other one i think is kingston class 6.

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