Nikon D600 Oil on Sensor Update - Spoke with Nikon representative

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Re: How long to wait?

Nikonfan99 wrote:

Rich Rauenzahn wrote:

What I would like to know -- is how long should I wait now until purchasing? I have a cart already prepared at Adorama and was very close to pulling the trigger on it. Luckily they probably do enough volume that they'll get new batches more quickly.

What did people wait for with the D7000? Or how long?

Has anyone had one long enough to be able to say the issue goes away after N frames, so just buy one, get a cleaning kit, and clean it frequently for the first N frames?


I think you should not buy this camera. The issue is not going to get fixed you know how I know? Cause I have a 6 month old d7000 with similar spots. If you read the threads you would know it is not going to go away. Cant do the cleaning required, dont buy the camera. That simple. No need to ask ifs or whens or whys. It is part of the package. I own the d600. Is it dirty? yes. Am I a big boy that can clean a sensor when I need to? You bet! Not trying to be mean but this is getting old.

I and many others own D7000 models with zero oil or dust problems, so not everybody is going to experience this problem. I bought the D600 and I do have dust/oil issues. There are many D600 owners who have no spot issues at all. Mine is at a Nikon repair facility now with a B2 designation. I'm not gonna tell anyone to go out and buy it, but I am going to say that having these spots (as annoying as it may be) is not that horrible, especially if it's taken care of under warranty. I'm not happy with Nikon for having these problems, but from having used the camera for a couple of weeks, it takes incredible photos. I'm annoyed,... yes.... but also very happy with the camera in every other way.

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