A57 or A77 ?

Started Oct 24, 2012 | Questions thread
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Re: Blanket Statement: The A77 is better

Tom2572 wrote:

While we can argue all day between the A57 and A65, there is no argument with the A77. It's in a totally different class than the other two cameras, and if you really do have the chance at getting one for only $250 more than the A57 you should jump all over it. That said, if missing clear image zoom is something you even remotely consider to be an issue with the A77, you are probably going to be better off with an A57 since the A77 is geared toward photographers who would rarely if ever use a feature like that.

I started with an A77, realized it was too much body and took it back for an A65 but the store was out of stock. So took an A57 but then went back for an A65 to complete the transaction.  Clear Zoom is not a desired feature, but smart converter in the A65/A77 is.  Anytime interpolation is happening, you know it is not useful.  Go to a store and handle them, you will know then.

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