your opinion of the now X100 price drop....

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Re: your opinion of the now X100 price drop....

panpen wrote:

Honestly, I'm surprised it's still above $1k. This is an 18-24 months old camera. Who in his right mind would still pay the launch price after such long time?

Because nothing has come along to directly replace it in its category.  Other Fuji offerings have interchangeable lenses and do not offer a prime 35mm yet.  Canon, Nikon, Olympus, Panasonic, Samsung, Pentax, etc. do not have an answer to the X100 and probably won't.  Sony does with their new full frame camera with fast 35mm, but that's in a different price category.

As I see it, the X100 is still selling, it's still desired and it still produces stunning IQ compared to ALL other APS-C cameras and is second only the newer Fuji's with the X-Trans sensor.

I'm glad to see a slower product cycle with Fuji.  There is no need to be a Canon or Nikon and churn out new models with (sometimes) only minor upgrades over the previous year only to induce an upgrade purchase. Sure, I would like to see and X200 with a new X-Trans sensor, better AF and the new Q menu - oh, mic jack and a lens with an actual filter thread (WTF where they thinking?).  Will it happen? I don't know, but I think there is a 50/50 shot at it coming. Pre X-E1, I would have put the odds at 80%+ for an X200.

IF I were in charge of Fuji's roadmap, I would THINK about doing the following....

  1. X200 (35mm fixed lens), X-trans, etc. as I mentioned above.  Keep the hybrid OVF/EVF as an advantage over X-E1 for those who want it.  Weather seal this thing.  Make this a street photography monster to shoot in all weather conditions. $1299 USD
  2. X-S2: move it out of the small sensor arena. Put in the older X100 sensor (which is still excellent and will be for for a while) to save on R&D.  It already has an excellent body with about 80% weather sealing.  Step that up to 100% like the Olympus OM-D / Pentax K5.  Keep a fixed lens to the body, reduce the zoom range to keep the same physical size (or close to it).  Something like a 24-200mm f/2.8-4 would be great. It's a bigger body but this would be a killer camera IMO.   X100 IQ, weather sealing, great lens (covers most people's needs), etc.  Price is at $1399 or so. 
  3. Keep the X-E1 & X-Pro1 with a conservative upgrade cycle. 
  4. X10, udpate to X20, if at all possible look at a 1" sensor.  If not, no big deal.
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