Leica M-E Summicron-M 28 mm f/2 ASPH Copenhagn

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Re: Leica M-E Summicron-M 28 mm f/2 ASPH Copenhagn

Edward48 wrote:

I'm quite enjoying this thread, which on one or two forums I've been reading lately would probably have long ago descended into name calling and downright nastiness.

I don't think art photography, painting, sculpture or any other sort of creative endeavour has or needs to be explained. It will either 'speak' to me or not. Sometimes straight away, sometimes after a bit of effort on my part. If nothing happens, fine. It doesn't mean it's a c**p piece of art, it's just not for me. Personally I like the challenge.

Best wishes

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Ok Mike, I agree, but when someone is being asked, does that mean he has to treat all people, who ask a valid question, with that type of arrogance as he does? He claims that to understand his photos you need to go to exhibitions or read books, so he puts his photos on the level of art which deserves to be shown in books and exhibitions (which might happened), so where's the problem to explain?

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