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Re: EX1 vs EX2...........?

Ysarex wrote:

Got the EX2 battery charged, but I had to walk to a meeting. I did manage to take a couple photos with the EX2. It starts up noticeably faster than the EX1 and the lens zoom control is operational much soon. It took me all of a couple minutes to find my way through the menu system and the function button. The EC control is still where it belongs thank heaven.

I should have time in the morning to shoot a couple EX2-EX1 side by sides but then I'll have to go to work before I process them--should have them up here on Friday. In the meantime here's my first EX2 frame of my favorite test subject: Cheapy Smokes. It's a good test subject with lots of detail and texture and contrast range. This JPG is from a raw capture given bare minimum processing. No sharpening in camera and no sharpening in the raw conversion and no sharpening to create the JPEG. All I did was white balance and basic tone adjust the photo.

My first reaction is positive. Note the far right side of the frame and the parking sign and newspaper box. Holding that kind of detail on the frame edge is why I loved the EX1 and the EX2 is not disappointing. Color fidelity looks as good as the EX1. My first reaction is positive and the built-in ND filter totally rocks!



Excellent image! Even though the light was good. I sharpened it at full pixel level and it held up well. Some noise in the sky but overall it surprised me.

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