50mm lens for my K-5?

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andy amos Contributing Member • Posts: 685
DA 50 NO quick-shift, should be a DA-L

RBellavance wrote:

andy amos wrote:

The DA 50 has the quickshift focus mech which I find helps a lot to get a head start with focussing.

Are you sure about that ? Quick-shift is not listed in the features of the DA50/1.8 at Pentax Canada, and the DA50 appears to be in the same series of budget lenses as the DA35/2.4 (which does not have quick-shift). IMHO, Pentax should have called those DA-L...

Not sure at all!!!

I knew the Da 35/2.4 was half baked but took it for granted seeing "quick-shift" mentioned on sites like imaging-resource and in henry's that it was a cut above. After your comments, further investigation lead me to pentaxforums and a user confirming on no Quick-shift. Should have realised with no mention on the Pentax product site! Its a DA-L with the L knocked off for sure. What a shame! The feature would be a deal breaker!

Another reason the DA 40 is so much more then!!

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