Importance of IS?

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Re: Importance of IS?

dnercesian wrote:

drv320 wrote:

dnercesian wrote:

You could have IBIS active and in use for all your lenses and still display the utmost technical skills on all your shots.

Very true. However, it became a crutch for me as I would avoid any equipment that didn't have some sort of stabilization built in. Stabilization allowed me to become lazy with my technique. I was speaking for myself and myself alone. I can definitely see situations where, regardless of technique, IS, OS, IBIS would come in very handy. All I was talking about was me relying on it to the exclusion of proper technique.

I'm finding that I'm getting just as many keepers with my unstabilized kit as I did/do with stabilized stuff. The difference is that I'm slowing down and paying attention to shooting technique...spraying and praying FAR less.

Of course, YMMV. If you prefer stabilized kit...good on ya. I guess I just went about photography backwards...I took the easy path before learning the right way.

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Nope, I am in the same boat as you. I always tend to let stabilization make me lazy. I would definitely call it a crutch by the way I tend to use it on my OMD. Sometimes I have a good laugh at photos that I messed up on because of it. I'll learn one day I guess. lol.

But for now, I am in the same boat as you my friend. In so many ways, the non stabilized primes are so good for me.

Thank you both - this is an angle that I certainly had not considered. It seems in line with the current dichotomy that is arising between the 'photo taking machines' and the 'retro rangefinder look' cameras in that both attract a different crowd (with overlaps of course) which each value another feature set, or even a lack of certain features.

I think I am leaning more towards the retro side of things. Now the question is what features I would happily give up to firmly move into that camp. It wounds like IS may have to go....


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