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Re: For you it may feel so, but the facts disagree with you

Mikael Risedal wrote:

zlatko wrote:

Aku Ankka wrote: I personally have no hard evidence on the respective pattern noises of these two sensors, but in the past Canon's have suffered from pretty significant pattern noise, while the Sony's used by Nikon haven't. It would be interesting to see a study on this.

I've shot many, many thousands of photos with Canon and have not had any problem with "pattern noise". I've also shot thousands of photos with Nikon (Sony sensors) and found the color to be not as good as Canon's. I trust what I see more than numbers from DxO.

You have not the freedom to expose different with Canon, its like a slide film , do not overexpose /clipping but keep to the right and do not look in the shadows to deep.

With a great DR you can under expose , maintain highlights and adjust shadows with out noise, banding etc= low read out noise= large DR = greather exposure latitude.

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Your comment about Canon requiring exposure like slide film is simply wrong. Shooting with Canon today is not at all like shooting with slide film. That may have been true with the first generation of DSLRs.

Your comment about dynamic range is common knowledge, but not a reflection about any flaw or fault with Canon sensors, if that's what you mean to imply. The many professionals and amateurs who rate Canon very highly certainly aren't suffering with deficient sensors, despite what a few anonymous posters here would have us believe.

Moreover, a camera system is more than one parameter. If a photographer finds that his photographic world depends on not exceeding a specific level of "pattern noise" or some other parameter, then of course he will need to find a camera and sensor that meets that threshold requirement. Photographers have diverse applications and needs, and I understand that some may find this to be a reality. But for many of us, photography does not come down to one such parameter. "Pattern noise" is not even on my radar of issues because it hasn't been an issue for me in years, certainly not with current cameras.

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