Canon 6D Hands-on review from TechCrunch

Started Oct 25, 2012 | Discussions thread
MichaelIsGreat4 Forum Member • Posts: 67
The Canon 6D remains a highly crippled camera compared to the Nikon D600!!

Whatever the quality of the Canon 6D, it does NOT change the fact that the specifications of the Nikon D600 is much better by a very wide margin than the one on the Canon 6D and yet both cameras are priced similarly!

It does not change the fact that Canon DID IT AGAIN by purposefully crippling the specifications of the Canon 6D!!

Finally, when you read a "review" that tells you that the one center cross-type AF point of the Canon 6D might be as good or better than the 41 cross-type points of the Canon 5D Mark III, you automatically check where such a comment comes from and you read that it is a "review" from, a site focused on gadgets!!! You understand too well that their "review" is another gadget (!!) on the list of gadgets that they supposedly review!!

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