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I see that you are anonymous

Richard wrote:

zlatko wrote:

Aku Ankka wrote: I personally have no hard evidence on the respective pattern noises of these two sensors, but in the past Canon's have suffered from pretty significant pattern noise, while the Sony's used by Nikon haven't. It would be interesting to see a study on this.

I've shot many, many thousands of photos with Canon and have not had any problem with "pattern noise". I've also shot thousands of photos with Nikon (Sony sensors) and found the color to be not as good as Canon's. I trust what I see more than numbers from DxO.

Canon or Nikons interpretation of the color basically a default profile. With Nikon being to the Cooler side (blue) and Canon to the warmer side (yellow) sort of like difference in different types of film. The grain of the film could be higher on the film that you liked the color on better.

So regardless of what you see or like, a measurable specification of quality is just that. If you have a bad pixel in your Canon camera but the camera knows it and fills it in with information from surrounding pixels, it does not mean the pixel isn't bad it just means you don't see it.

Just because you don't see pattern noise, does not mean it does not exist. Just like getting prints off of a film camera, a 3x5 may not show film grain, but that does not mean it is not there.

One of the reasons Canon does not have to compete with Nikon head to head is because people like you. Canon will cripple the features on the camera and use old tech in their sensors and because of people like you that will buy anything they pump out they are still using old tech and crippling their cameras as much as they can get away with.

Like many posters here, you are anonymous. So you can claim to have any knowledge or experience in the world, and you can say anything you want, without any basis in real photography.

So you can promote fear, doubt and uncertainty about Canon sensors as much as you wish. Here you are promoting the idea that we should fear and reject what we do not see! Well, that's not what photographers do. Photography is a visual art, so what we see is what matters.

People like me (the "people like you" you talk about) are the people who put these cameras to heavy use, and spend countless hours with them and the photographs they produce. We present these photographs to our clients and depend on them for our living. Canon meets my needs very well, from color to quality to features to ergonomics to new lens options to the new flash system, etc. — actually better than any other brand.

Your talk about "buying anything" and "crippled cameras" and "old tech" is just empty talk by an anonymous person with no known photographic background or credentials. These phrases may have some meaning to you, but they come from a wildly negative interpretation that has no apparent connection to photography in the real world.

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