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Re: Beauty is in the eye of the beholder...

Wellington100 wrote:


Image and performance will almost certainly be an improvement, handling will probably be better (due to the mode dial re-location and customisable function button), but the camera body has lost all pretence of being a stylish, compact system camera. This is lazy design. It is falling back on a dSLR design concept that Nikon feels safe with, without realising that what is safe in one environment can lead to disaster in another.

There is no easy way to deal with an EVF on a small camera. Its a rather large and deep lump that has to go somewhere. Usually the whole camera is made larger to accommodate it or its supplied as a separate add on on top.

There is a better way, actually, that's why rangefinders have often viewfinder on a side. A SLR viewfinder had to be where the prism was, and that caused the body part called "nose" (we all have one, I assume) to be pressed against the camera. Once we got the LCD displays, our nose imprints became to appear for us to see, and... to wipe off over and over and over.

With EVF its different, it can be located anywhere, and some cameras in the beginning indeed had EVF's located in an ergonomically better position. For example one of first Lumix models such as FZ10. But the market and the people demanded on a EVF in a "conventional place", call it traditionalism, or stubbornness, or even... lack of understanding.

Anyway, the V2 viewfinder box is so out of proportions because of the flash. The V1 viewfinder was much smaller. The V1 viewfinder was actually quite usable, maybe too bluish in rendition, refresh rate was still annoyingly slow, but I could use it even in harsh sun.  My wife has these darkening glasses (prescription...) and even she can use the V1 EVF with dark glasses.

Nikon have been bold, they have designed an uncompromising camera that takes advantage of the small size compacts can achieve, then they stuck the EVF on top and added an industrial strength grip that would allow you to comfortably use any superzoom on the market, even the big 28-300.

I am fine with the grip, not with the smaller battery though. That's not very "industrial." And the curves of the body are incongruous with the prior appearance of the N1 system. I will reminded on F1 or F2, they were also an optical shocker, now they are collectibles, like this gold one:


Its clever and quirky and probably incredibly nice to use, the alternative is a brick style retro camera like the Fuji XE, an ergonomic disaster like the OMD or a huge blob like the GH3. None of these forms would be as useful with a big Nikon lens stuck on the front.

Last remark: many working photographer actually like the OMD a lot, you might find yourself outvoted in the opinion of an ergonomic disaster in the OMD 5...


I'll not be rushing for this camera.

Ditto, I think the price point is not defensible, and I will wait if my 'form perception' will adapt itself to this Mr. Robato camera body.


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