Majority of posts are LX5, LX7 and FZ150 and FZ200... what's up with the ZS Models?

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Re: Here's why...

bondiblue wrote:

"Perhaps the LX and FZ small sensor cameras just lend themselves better to serious photography?"

It's more that the more experienced/knowledgable enthusiasts by the LX and FZ cameras. Why ?

a) They know and want to use the extensive controls available on these cameras, which are a basic subset of what you will find on a DSLR. The ZS and TZ series from Panasonic lack these.

b) But... they have learned they don't need a DSLR to get a reasonable photo, because of the next point.

c) With a small sensor camera the real challenge is the widest possible lens aperture, both to achieve a modest degree of 'bokeh' in some situations, and to permit fast shooting by natural light in situations which would challenge any camera - including DLSR's and the m4/3 cameras.

The LX3 and LX5 provide an exquisite sharp lens designed to be used at f/2 and good image quality from the sensor at ISO400. Many bought them for this reason. The LX7 went one step better. The FZ200 provides constant f/2.8 through its whole zoom range.

Few compacts can match this - certainly the ZS and TZ series don't come close.

d) The buyers of LX and FZ cameras put the quality of the results first - not price, nor smallest size. The buyers of TZ and ZS cameras are generally looking for something small, at a lower price range, and aren't so concerned about image quality nor how the camera will fare in difficult shooting conditions such as low light.

Pocketability and decent zoom can also be major factors in choosing a specific camera. I've owned the TZ5 for 4 1/2 years with decent results. It's always on my belt, and even though it lacks manual controls, I can still get most of the shots I want.

Here are some samples

The one below is a self-portrait

And this one from an amaryllis

It's also very easy to use when I'm hunting...

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