Nikon 14-24...Fotodiox Filter Kit Solution...Initial Impressions

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Re: Nikon 14-24...Fotodiox Filter Kit Solution...Initial Impressions

Thanks for providing the initial impressions.  When you start looking into further could you please consider these two questions?

1. Does the filter kit appreciably change the feel of the lens mounted on an FX body.  In my use of this lens on an an FX body, I liked the balance it had and I wonder if the kit at the far end of the lens changes it fell much.

2. I am not familiar with Fotodiox's 145mm filters, but when looking through their website I saw a 5 stop ND.  One drawback to the Lee system is the lack of the Big-Stopper for the 14-24.  Are the Fotodiox filters stack-able and are they all of similar thickness?  If so, could you place your CP over a ND a check for vignetting.  Maybe even take it too an unreasonable extreme and see how many filters can be stacked until vignetting is noticeable.  My reason for asking is in order to blur water the way I desire with this lens and filter kit, I may need to stack two 5 stop NDs, or if the framing and sky allow it, a 5 stop ND with a 2 stop CP.


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