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Re: Seems a bit strange..

Richard wrote:

You come here, create a new account and have only one post, then tell us after putting a 3rd party battery in 1 camera, you killed it, then you put it in another just to test it and it killed it. That is pretty dumb but possible then you tell us you stick it in a 3rd camera just to make sure this 3rd party battery will absolutely with no doubt blow up another camera, and it did. Not buying it. If you had some history or blew up one camera, I might believe it. I have bought 3rd party canon batteries before with no issues. If you wer really dumb enough to blow 3 of your 4 cameras knowing the battery was the culprit, I find it hard to believe.

Canondog wrote:

Hi there. Im traveling outside the US and I have an ugly problem. My company purchased 4 5D mk iii and 3 of them are dead! This is a once in a life time situation.

This is what happened. I purchased several 3rd party batteries online and took them with me last week. I charge them and kept them as backups. Yesterday I was using my last original Canon battery, and when I plugged this 7.4v 2600 mAh LP-E6, the camera went dead. it seemed strange to me so I plugged the same in the other camera and it did not turn on. I then charged an original and it did not work on the first two 5ds except on the 3rd. once i drained that battery, I plugged the 3rd party battery and the camera, flipped the switch, and ir turned on for a split second and then it died.

I have a feeling that a fuse or something is dead. I went to a camera shop and they advised me to call Canon, when I called Canon, I was told that it can only be serviced in the USA. the closest place where it can be fixed is 100's of miles away. Im in Patagonia and I need to find a fix for this.

The camera shop here told me that if i can get the fuse ( in case that thats the problem) they will replace it. Thats a risk im willing to take.


Also, if I can get a link to where I can buy this part it will help me a lot.


I'm sorry but I have to agree with Richard.  I'll admit that I used a reputable 3'rd party battery on my 40D a few times as it was a backup and this was maybe 5 years ago.  Since then, I've never used 3'rd party as the prices of original Canons have gotten reasonable.  Lately there was a great sale in my area and they were half price.  I don't understand why someone would risk over $12k of cameras saving a few bucks on questionable batteries.  And you think you would have learned your lesson after it killed the first one.  Is this for real?!?!  Sorry, I don't mean to beat on you here but the only advice I can give you is to never ever buy 3'rd party or at the very least, those particular ones ever again.  And what to do?  Do you really want some camera shop to open up your camera and void your warranty?  Can't they find the link to buy the part?  If not, it sounds scary.  Bad enough the cameras are dead and hopefully not permanently but now you want to let some stranger play around with it?  You still have one working camera, one original battery so charge the thing and use that camera.  That's my advice but no one listens to me, not even my wife (smart lady) so...good luck.

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