100-300 or FZ200?

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Re: 100-300 or FZ200? Big Sensor or Tiny Sensor?

Gregm61 wrote:

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Seems an odd question, but I indeed have this decision to make.

Both are roughly the same weight and price. The camera thus wins massively on versatility. Does the lens win massively on quality?

The camera (G3), not the lens, wins massively due to image quality. The sensor in the FZ200 is pea-sized compared to the four-thirds sensor. The depth of field with the FZ200, even at long focal lengths, will be huge due to the tiny sensor (sometimes good, sometimes not), and ISO performance above the base one or two settings will be vastly inferior. The lens needs to be a constant f2.8 so you can keep the ISO setting low because any setting beyond around ISO 200 is going to start really trailing the G3, big-time.

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I do not have either camera and lens but don't just assume the FZ200 IQ is inferior simply because of its smaller sensor size.  If you compare on DPR and Image Resources Comparometer you can see that the FZ200 is clearly ahead of its class in resolution/detail and higher ISO performance with good performance up to ISO 800 and even ISO 1600 being usable for small prints.   With its f2.8 lens speed and good wide open it has at least a 2+ stop advantage over a larger sensor camera/lens combo at F5.6 and depth of field will be about equal.  Because of its greater depth of field when compared at same F stop the FZ200 pictures will look sharper as more is in focus and animals will look more 3D as will tele scenics.   The biggest factor is the reduced size for traveling.  The FZ200 is the head of its  superzoom class not just because of its f2.8 fast lens but also a higher resolution EVF than the competition.

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