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Re: For you it may feel so, but the facts disagree with you

Aku Ankka wrote:

For Canon to remain competetive, there is a desperate need to turn the production to finer geometries - even the large pixels of the 5DIII suffer from such a low fill factor that putting much more pixels on the ancient 500nm geometry is quite impossible without sacrificing the image quality significantly. I hope they do the sane thing soon and moves their FF production to their own 180nm fab and turns fabless for the smaller sensors (and pixels). The 500nm line could still be reserved for economy FF sensors.

All of that is beyond meaningless to photographers who merely need to look at the work they are doing every day with the 5DIII to know whether it is competitive and meets their needs.  The photographs we make are "the facts" that matter, not anything that DxO or Chipworks says.

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