Are there adapters for other brands lenses to K-01?

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Re: Are there adapters for other brands lenses to K-01?

Cane wrote:

Joe Ogiba wrote:

Cane wrote:

Hmmm, hypothetically, could they make a switch that moves the sensor forward if you wanted to be able to do this?

Is that a joke or what ? Get a Sony 5N for $498 with 18-55 zoom and use almost any lens using low cost adapters . The K-01 is the only mirrorless that could use any K-mount lens without an adapter.

It's just a question. I guess you didn't like it?

I liked it a lot, actually someone trying to find a use for the mirrorless void in the K-01....

And in a more drawn out answser:

Hyperthetically.... yes!

Although I'm not sure how the camera could register the right distance automatically without contraviening other manufacturer patents and its a bit fiddly to try and judge manually!

Of course it would have to automatically reset every time you changed lenses so some Pentax aperture levers don't bash into the sensor, in turn, meaning the camera would have to be on in some way to do so or at least not allow you to remove lenses without pushing the sensor back first.

Simpler is to make adapters with built-in elements to compensate for the different distances. They actually do make them for other brands of cameras but the price to pay is another layer of glass thus reducing image quality.

On the other hand, on a short-as-they-come-sensor-distance Sony N system, you just stick on a cheapy chinese adapter, and off you go! No brainer really, just science meets common sense!

Hyperthetical questions, love-em! I'm sure someone once asked the hyperthetical question to Sony about adding stunningly high resolution viewfinders onto their N system cameras and, stone the crows, look what happened!!

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