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Re: 5D/7D a "pro" body? since when

pete zeugma wrote:

I'm a jobbing "pro" photographer too.. but ive only shot with 1Ds bodies and used 5D's as backups or bodies that can be put at risk.. my 7D is exclusively used for macro. I certainly wouldnt consider the 5D/7D as a pro camera

If you've used 5D's as backups or bodies that can be put at risk, then in fact you have used 5D's as pro cameras.  The 5D series has been used "as pro cameras" by very many professionals.  More than half of Reuters 100 best photos of 2011 were shot with the 5DII.  Some professionals are on their feet all day and prefer smaller camera bodies to the large & heavy 1D series.

The original 5D was a crossover camera, with appeal to both amateurs and pros, including renowned pros such as David Burnett and Pete Souza.  The current 5DIII may share the original 5D's name and body size, but is an entirely new camera.  Its autofocus, shutter, mirror and overall build quality is a match for the 1D series, including the 1Ds that you prefer.  It is exactly the camera that many professionals requested:  essential 1D series quality, speed and features in a more practical 5D series body size.  In the 5DIII, the prosumer autofocus and sluggish mirror blackout of the  5D & 5DII have been banished (not that they stopped many pros from using the 5D series very successfully).  It sounds like you may be unaware that the 5DIII is a pro camera.

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