V2 - Can it be bought body-only in the UK?

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Re: V2 - Can it be bought body-only in the UK?

Yes I would have been surprised as well, it was just odd that other sites seemed to mention it whereas the UK site didn't. Anyway, checked with Nikon UK this morning and got a very quick reply which stated:

I can confirm that it will be available as a body only purchase in the UK. Unfortunately they (sales) were not able to supply me with either a price or a release date allow this information will be available on the Nikon Uk web site closer to the date of release."

From a personal point of view, all I have to do now is to decide whether or not to get cheapish V1 now or wait until V2 prices come down (whenever) or go for something different. I just want a carry-round for when I haven't got my D300 & lenses with me but still something that provides decent quality. I like the better specs of the V2 but for my needs, i.e. as a back-up camera, I'm tempted by the V1. On the other hand the OMD may be good (although a lot more money) owing to the lens flexibility as my wife has a Panasonic G2. Time will tell.

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