Lenses for my D600: I think I got what I need or am getting close to.

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Re: Lenses for my D600: I think I got what I need or am getting close to.

Brian Hinther wrote:

For what it's worth, DxO counts 53 line pairs per millimeter for the 50mm f1.8, and only 47 lpmm for the f1.4. The Mansurov site has a comparison of Imatest graphs where they favor the f1.8, too. And I think you'll find Photozone comes down on that side of the fence as well.

That's not true. You probably made the mistake of not choosing the same camera body when you looked at the Dx0 tests.

Here are Dx0's resolution counts for the lenses using the the Nikon D3x:

50/1.8g : 53lp/mm
50/1.4g : 60lp/mm

Here, see for yourself

(You probably selected the D3 for the 50/1.4g, which returns 47lp/mm like you said)

As for the Mansurovs, they said the 50/1.4g was their favourite ever lens till they ran it into the ground (it stopped working) now they use their 50/1.8g

The photozone tests do not show that the 50/1.8g is sharper at all apertures.

Just wanted to make some corrections while I was here.

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