New Here, anyone buy a G3 or similar for older parents?

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Re: G3 or similar for older parents?

Ulfric M Douglas wrote:

No. The cameras have too many ways to change settings, and then they'd be stuck.

I'm talking about my parents : although capable of loading, ussing and developing film in both TLRs and the original Pen cameras ... suddenly in old age incapable of resetting ISO, choosing when to use flash and god forbid changing a lens!

I buy them Canon Powershot compacts and have always found them reliable, good imagers and frugal on the battery power.

Swapping in the second battery and recharging the dead one might be another milestone ... we'll find out later.

I was at boots a coupe of years back. and an elderly couple were trying to

get images from their silver P&S to the boots self print thingumy. The lady called the assistant

over and said 'this memory card wont fit in your machine''. The assistant pointed out that

it was the battery.

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