Shame on you Nikon!

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Shame on you Nikon!

I had a D600 and returned it after just 50 shots as I could see several oil spots on the left and mainly but not excl to the top left. I bought another one from local camera shop and checked it after about 200 images and there was about 10 oil spots but nothing too major. I took another 300 images and noticed about 40 oil spots, returned it to the retailer who did a sensor clean. I went to London for a weekend and took about 800 shots and guess what? About 30-40 oil spots. I returned it and the retailer gave me a refund. I love this camera so I bought another one from Amazon and when I opened it I checked and the sensor was clear of any spots.

I went into my back garden took 20 or so images and the spots had arrived, so after advise from this forum I bought a sensor cleaning kit and it removed all the spots.

I went and took another 200 or so shots and about 30-40 spots appeared, so I have returned it to Amazon.

I spoke to Nikon and they said the camera was working within specification, what a joke! They said there is a running in period and it will settle down after a few thousand shots. So you buy a new camera and need to spend £50 on a kit to clean it after a few shots! What if you can't clean it, you need to sent it back for cleaning and wait!

I guess in a few months we will know if its a fault or just too much oil applied to the mech?

I love this camera and many will be very happy and keep cleaning the sensor and maybe it will settle down after 5000 shots but for me it's the principle. You pay 2k for a camera and I don't expect to have to do a sensor clean every few hundred shots, after all if you bought a new car you wouldn't expect to have an oil change every 100 miles!

I think this may be a quality control issue and a down side of rushing products to market.

I know many will be happy and live with the issue and they are most likely right and I wish I could do the same but for me I just don't think it's right to have to keep checking your sensor on a new camera.


Nikon D600
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