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For you it may feel so, but the facts disagree with you

VivaLasVegas wrote: ancient 8 years old chip delivers a decisive ass whoppin to SoNikon's latest and greatest chip in high ISO DR and noise. Bravo Canon, bravo!

The actual evidence does not support your claim.

Comparing Canon 5D Mk III and Nikon D600 - based on measurents of DxOMark:

The DR is a toss up. (In order to prevent the ISO 25600 critique, on the Nikon D600 you should never shoot on ISO 25600, but instead on 12800 and then push the stop in software as that way the "high ISO DR" of the camera remains basicly identical to the 5DIII - doubling the ISO in software loses almost excatly a stop of DR.)

The mid-gray performance of the Nikon D600 is slighty better than that of Canon 5DIII - again with the 25600 caveat.

The tonal range - arguably the most important metric if one only wants to pick one, the D600 is again slightly better.

And if you want to have accurate colors, the Nikon's much better color sensitivity helps to have lower noise at "high ISO" too as boosting the colors increases noise.

From the measurements we can conclude that the Nikon has quite a bit stronger color filteration - the significantly larger fill factor (see the recent Chipworks blog items) allows for them.

I personally have no hard evidence on the respective pattern noises of these two sensors, but in the past Canon's have suffered from pretty significant pattern noise, while the Sony's used by Nikon haven't. It would be interesting to see a study on this.

For Canon to remain competetive, there is a desperate need to turn the production to finer geometries - even the large pixels of the 5DIII suffer from such a low fill factor that putting much more pixels on the ancient 500nm geometry is quite impossible without sacrificing the image quality significantly. I hope they do the sane thing soon and moves their FF production to  their own 180nm fab and turns fabless for the smaller sensors (and pixels). The 500nm line could still be reserved for economy FF sensors.

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