Samsung NX200 lenses 18-200 or 50-200mm?

Started Oct 25, 2012 | Discussions thread
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Re: Samsung NX200 lenses 18-200 or 50-200mm?

As the previous poster has said, the 50-200mm is prolly more sensible. I also purchased the 18-200mm ,but only when it went on sale for $599. The 50-200mm can often be got for a very reasonable $200 or less on sale. After reading the board members experiences for some time now, it seems the 50-200mm is better in image quality, but im a beginner so I wouldnt see much difference.

Samsung market the 18-200 as the 'movie' lens for its use of quieter zoom motor inside. As far as size you can compare the differences on the the home page here for Sumsung lenses. What I can say is, the 18-200mm certainly gave me reason to consider crafting my own leather camera case to increase the thickness of the nx200 body. So as to make it more comfortable for me to hold the combo (check my threads on leather camera case :)). On the svelte nx200, that thing is large.

For a beginner like me and for the price I got it, its a great lens.

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