New E-5 on the way : )

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I got my E5 2 weeks ago from E-bay. I have been collecting SHG lens in year 2010. First SHG lens is 35-100mm F2. At that time, I have only E1 and I am very impress with 35-100mm F2 with E1. Then I bought 14-35mm F2. Last year I got both 7-14mm and 150mm F2 this year. And finally I bought E5.

My most impression SHG lens is 150mm F2. It is so sharp and contrasty vivid image. It is my best investment in SHG lens, I highly recommend to buy it.

I come from Canon 5D MK2, I will not start Canon vs Olympus war. But my subjective feel is that I like  11 cross type focusing of E5. It is much better than 5D MK2. In low light situation of real photo shooting, I think E5 with F2 SHG lens can handle well. You can get sharp image and enough DOF in F2 while you will be worried not enough DOF when you shoot at F2.8 with 5D MK2. I always set at F4  with ISO 3200 and maximum IS 6400 with 5D MK2. But with E5 you can set at F2 with ISO 1600 (maximum). Your SHG lens give you more 2 stop to play but E5 give you less 2 stop to play with high ISO (ISO 1600 vs ISO 6400). Then I think both system are all par each other for high ISO. The only weakness of E5 is noise in shadow area.

One thing, I would to high light is

1) Image file size, I shoot with 5D MK 2 a lot and now I am tired of big file sizes. My 3 TB HDD are full now. When I switch to shoot with E5 more, I feel of freedom and not worry about HDD full any more. I think that all NIKON D800 will feel pain in near future of big file size. I agree that some will need big file size for enlargement. But I think that no all need big file size.

2) OOC Jpeg file, I love OOC Jpeg file of Olympus. All Canon files are must processed from RAW, no jpeg. Now I more enjoy shooting rather than siting in front of computer. And this is main reason I use more E5 than 5D MK2.

However great photographer will use the right tool for the right job. The gear enthusiasm will show the latest and most advance gear. They believe that they take better photo than you because of their tool is better than yours. But it is not always true.

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