Panasonic FZ200 vs Nikon D90

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Donald B
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Re: Panasonic FZ200 vs Nikon D90

DeToxLL5 wrote:

In a perfect world, I could keep both. Unfortunately, I cannot afford to buy the FZ200 right now. I guess I should just be content and hold on to my D90 and wait for a deal on the FZ200. The possibility of slowing down action to 240 fps is just so intriguing. Amazing that 24 FPS is not enough. A baseball swing happens REALLY quickly.

If I'm going to keep the D90, I need to change lenses. I have a Tamron 18-200 and it loses focus in burst mode. The first shot is in focus and then the rest are out of focus. I guess the Nikon 18-200 is the way to go?

a friend of mine shoots nikon d7000 all the pro lens even the 300 2.8 vr11 7G  and hasnt picked it up in a month after buying the fz150 and the 200 his choice is the 150 over the 200.

cheers don

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